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Welcome, David and Angelike!

April 17, 2020 12:54 am
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NAVAN Global is pleased to announce the addition of David and Angelike Norrie. As industry leaders, the Norries will act as ambassadors to further enhance and articulate the company’s unique core values along with training the field on how to confidently articulate and present the NAVAN story which has been such a crucial part to its early success, along with its innovative products and lucrative business opportunity.

“We are excited to have the Norries partnering with us at NAVAN. Being able to attract leaders like David and Angelike who truly embody the values and vision we have for NAVAN is a compliment to what is happening in our company,” said NAVAN Global founder Trey Knight

NAVAN’s mission to “Make Way for the Good” fully aligned with the Norries desire to unify people in a special profession that can enhance the lives of individuals and families globally to create multiple streams of income. All while simultaneously being fully transparent with products and ingredients that truly arm and prepare the body for ultimate health.

Together, the Norries are industry leaders and millionaire earners in Network Marketing and have a love for the industry, which enhances their desire to partner with a company to co-create a culture like no other.

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