NAVAN V+ Mind and Body Fuel

  • We were tired. Tired from battling our afternoon slump and tired of searching for something that would help. So, we created a solution: V+ Mind and Body Fuel! We did our research and packed V+ with adaptogens that help fight fatigue and enhance mental performance. Why just muddle through the day when you can thrive with V+


    We chose the most powerful and cleanest ingredients that we could find to pack into our V+ Mind & Body Fuel. Made from naturally sourced adaptogens, V+ is powered by clean, plant-based ingredients to help combat stress, fight fatigue, promote mental clarity and focus, and improve physical performance.

    PRICE IS PER: 1 – (6) pack box of 2 fl. oz. bottles


    • May help improve mental focus
    • May boost brain function
    • May help reduce ADHD symptoms
    • May help to reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone)
    • May help the body resist the effects of anxiety and stress
    • May help fight inflammation
    • May help boost the immune system
    • May enhance physical performance and endurance
  • One bottle per day or as needed. Recommended only for Adults 18+.

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