never again.

I told myself I would never be without Detox again!
– NAVAN Member, Deb hillers


Some background:

I didn’t live in my 20s and early 30s like most people in that age bracket; instead, I spent it in and out of many hospitals from one intestinal surgery to another, not knowing when it will end. I felt like I had a ticking time bomb inside me of when I would need another surgery.

Daily Detox came into my life in December 2020, and I didn’t religiously start taking it until January of this year. I never knew how much it helped until I wasn’t able to order it any longer. 

My stomach issues started acting up again, and I was religiously taking anti-acids just to stop some of the issues. Once Daily Detox was back, I felt like my body was craving it, and I told myself I would never be without Detox again.

Now they [NAVAN] just reduced the price of this product, and I literally broke down in tears because of how it affected me that first dose after being without it. So now I really never will be without it! So blessed and thankful for this product.

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